Thursday, 17 November 2011

What is Mathematics and Why we learn it?

Hai children, do you think that learning math is difficult or it is just a boring subject about the numbers 123?

Hmmm... Let see... Before explanation, let us sing a song..

Now, you can see actually mathematics is very fun, right?

What is Mathematics?

Math is used in every country and it is used everyday to construct bridges, build technology, planning for a vacation, savings, preparing budgets, saving money, calculating taxes, and much more.

Why we learn Mathematics?

Mathematics is very useful in our daily life yet we need them to do many things. 

When you go shopping with mum, you need to look through the price and total it up. Is that right? Without knowing mathematics, you wont be able to do so.

Next, if you don't know mathematics, you wont be able to read and tell the time...

Then, if you don't know mathematics, you wont be able to divide things equally, especially cakes...

You are staying in a beautiful house and do you know that if the engineer does not know how to do the calculations, some days your house will become like this...

Now, you know how importance is mathematics in our life, right?

There many many more about mathematics. Think what you can find around you about mathematics and write it down...

Let see the picture below...
Do you think this is mathematics too??
Have a nice day!!